Who are we?

We are delighted to welcome you in the network and partner shops.
Certified Network Design partner: Leader of high quality products, the site has a portfolio of prestigious brands including 15 in-house, each Ambassador for the comfort and the art of living.
Specialist in the sale of equipment, furniture and contemporary objects for the home, Garden, and well-being. Our site acts as a trusted third party and brings together the supply of hundreds of professional dealers (Designers, manufacturers, wholesalers) from around the world.

> No. 1 innovation and Design.

With our shop, it is the art of living with the best possible comfort, technological innovation and the requirement of the biggest brands and designers.

A portfolio of prestigious brands.
The branding of brands is part of the heritage that we present, and we cease to enrich and develop while staying true to their roots. We want to bring the dream in life by our products and the culture they represent, combining tradition and modernity.
Through the selection of the site, find the design and equipment of the House brands.
Objects and furniture Chic and design for the living room, the kitchen, the office, the bedroom. Sofas, armchairs, chairs, shelves, furniture design, fixed and extendable tables, bedding,...
To meet all your desires of outdoor kitchen, we present a variety of planchas and barbecues adapting to all types of cuisine and all styles of life.
Discover our selection of fountains, lights, appliances and household equipment and choose new technologies for domestic use robotic.
You will also find a wide selection of chic and design products for the home, including giant beanbags, of contemporary furniture, home automation equipment (motors, alarms wireless intercoms...), robot vacuums, equipment of heating and air conditioning systems.
You want to fit your garden, make your choice in our garden tool supply, with robot mowers and equipment of leisure, garden furniture and garden accessories.
For more good be, see our categories of infrared sauna or steam, or our great selection of spas hot tub, pools, bikes, Sports Fitness items and many amenities at the best prices throughout the year.

Un leading distributor of furniture and design objects.
We assist specifiers (architects, interior architects, space planners, companies) and individuals looking for tertiary and residential furniture, fireplaces, furniture, objects and contemporary decorative accessories.
The resolutely transversal offer we offer
allows to give life to any project and compose environments adapted to the needs and tastes of each. The offer is the widest possible while being selective.

The origin of the adventure started in 2000, a team of designers.
A global leader in high quality products.
It is in the 2000s, the network has seen the day.
Has part the world, in Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East, it is since the Cantons of Vaud and Valais in Switzerland, near Lausanne, as the brand designs, selects and develops its collections.
The goal is to bring together the know-how and expertise of the founders around a simple vision: create and distribute products that are useful and of high quality, innovative and comfortable, while being eco-friendly.
In addition to experience in the areas of expertise, design and new technologies, we have always passionate about design furniture and attracted by renewable energy. While responding to solutions and the different design, our products all share the same philosophy of quality, respect for nature, our values, and our ideas to the to the service from the comfort of home.

Quality and recognition accuracy of international know-how, the use of noble and ecological materials offer a pleasant environment and constant innovation. Therefore, this alliance of the art of living in the habitat, the electronic expertise, and the respect of the world that surrounds us that we created our "Collections" which have become subsequently specialized brands design and high quality items.

More than a brand, we offer is an innovative concept which based its reputation on a knowledge make unique design, combining technological excellence and the awakening of the emotions.

Leader of high quality products: Within the network, no compromise is possible on quality. This requirement is also necessary beyond products, sales, the presentation of the products, the customer Council, etc.: the objective is to offer our customers the highest quality permanently.

Involved in the recognition of the design and the emergence of online sales. Individual experiences of these entrepreneurs, have fed the growth of a company that has been able to grow without losing its soul and its vocation to be a hyphen between the successful creation and this expression that day the day makes up our daily environment. Beyond a simple business, our network has become a focus of discoveries create the event and create meetings between all actors in the sector.

Several times a year, our team participates in international events, and meet
 customers, private individuals, journalists, designers, manufacturers and architects to better know the universe of a brand or a designer.
Overall concept of design distribution,
the shop continues to develop its activity around key skills: habitat, equipment of professionals (for the tertiary sector, hotels and communities), export and sales online.
The store and its partners
appeared from the start as a solid commercial organization, international-oriented. Our customers are located in several different countries. In previous years, countries with which we work, and assortments have experienced a rapid expansion. Our network quickly became a global player, respected by customers around the world.

A selective choice for home, garden and well-being

With the shopWe offer all the essential products design furniture, appliance, electronics and communication, but also products from the Outdoor world.  Our ranges, with their designs and prices, but also their unique collections, make our offer, a brand that is attractive, affordable and interesting to a wide audience and exclusive for those who want more.
The strategic model is based on the meeting of known or recognized talent, promising talents, young brands and brands confirmed with their community.
We're always looking for contemporary, attractive, and interesting products for a wide audience, ensuring special attention is paid to the quality and the price.
The site also offers collections original and current decoration - furniture and Accessories Designer, at preferential prices. These products are available at sales events for a limited time from 7 to 10 days, in partnership with designers and brands that suggested their current collection at exclusive prices for members.

We continue our research mission of excellence by offering products, lifestyle accessories and the senior houses items in range and large selection luxurious sublimated.
With the same ambition, and all those who love the decoration, design and beautiful things, we offer a new way to buy the best products at the best prices. Renew its decoration, fall for a product of a designer, an original gift, or just have fun: The site a mine of inspiration at the forefront of trends.

Our Mission and our values

Make design accessible to the greatest number and embellish everyday life, that's why our teams get up in the morning. They are looking for the most creative brands, the most original products and even exclusive designs to offer you the best design decoration.
And on our side, there are also designers, manufacturers, carriers, which are the essential of our promise.

The mission of our network is to be the Ambassador of the Western art of living in what it has of more comfortable, useful and refined. We want to symbolize elegance and creativity. We want to bring the dream in life by our products and the culture they represent, combining tradition and modernity.

In this context, five imperatives are fundamental values shared by all actors. These values and all the aspects they cover have been a broad reflection across the network brands:
-Be creative and innovative
-The pursuit of excellence in the products
-Passionately preserving the image of our brands
-Have the entrepreneurial spirit
-Be inspired by the desire to be the best and to improve permanently

How does it work?

Registration on our site is free and allows you to turn your shopping baskets and access the event sales and promotions.
Products in our catalog can be ordered at any time, with a variable delay according to available stocks and your delivery location.
Event sales have a limited duration. At the end of the sale, we order the products you have chosen partners. They then pass through our warehouse to be prepared and you are then shipped.
For any questions about your order, feel free to contact our customer service from Monday to Saturday from 9 h to 17 h.

Sale leading online furniture and home equipment.

We put
every day utmost to satisfy your need for self-expression.

The strength of a motivated team to the following services:
-Customer service
-Pro service
-Communication / Marketing
-International pole
-Technical service

Space professional
> The ServicePro
Distributor of furniture Design, prescriber in tertiary offices and space planning.

Landscaping tertiary spaces, residences and communities is the spearhead our Design activity For more than 15 years. This expertise is applied also to the world of hospitality, restoring (independent or collective) and nursing homes which require specific skills, in France and abroad.

The presented offer is very diverse (fireplace, furniture, lighting, objects and accessories,...), brings the most effective solutions to projects the most varied: offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, libraries, shops... Our selection of products, to design innovative and responsive tertiary spaces, is constantly renewed to allow you to design original projects and custom places.
Finally, we
guarantee the best response at the best price thanks to partnerships with many manufacturers and its leading position.

It's won alongside expertise that we bring to each new development, regardless of its size.

If you have any questions, refer you to our sheets produce or contact our experts to assist you in your choice. Take advantage of our secure payment methods and payment facilities.

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Live better & high quality - Brands specialist
Expert from the sale of equipment, furniture and contemporary objects for the home, Garden, and well-being.