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FlamINnov hydrogen stove.
The FlamINnov bioethanol catalytic stove allows fast and ecological heating for optimal comfort. Ductless, maintenance-free and programmable.

FlamINnov hydrogen stove.
Innovative bioethanol stoves.
The FlamINnov Hydrogen Stove provides fast and ecological heating, without ducting, odorless and exceptional power.
It installs everywhere in the house, apartment or office, heats large rooms up to 90 m2 with its power of 8-10Kw and low consumption.
The hydrogen stove FlamINnov, with an innovative system triples the caloric power of ethanol by catalyzing it into hydrogen.
The FlamINnov hydrogen stove produces a beautiful flame with high calorific value, economical and odorless.

The stove FlamINnov respects ecology with zero carbon emissions.
Without flue, easily movable, power supply without transfer, electronic regulation, daily and weekly programming, automatic ignition, remote control, silencer and CO2 safety.
Fireplaces and hydrogen stoves.

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